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Ricky Ponting's retirement

Ricky Ponting's retirement doesn't just leave a hole in Australia's batting order - it means a little bit of baggy-green soul has been lost too.

 Fan reviews about retirement:

Malik Murad Ali: He was with tears while announcing his retirements and once I read his explanation or the reason behind retirement I also got very upset.... he will be missed by cricket lovers all around the world.... what a great fighter and sportsman....

Kasun Dinesh Madusanke: Greatest player I ever seen and my favorite. So sad of missing you PUNTER. But everything must come to an end in one day.Your name will remain in cricket history forever. Good Luck cricket master Mr.Ricky Thomas Ponting...
Bilal Khan Niazi: A great player, you ll be remembered, specially in regards to Australia's successive world cup wins and dominance in world cricket for over a decade. Wish you all the best Ricky.
Sandeep Rathi: Punter Best of luck for the future hatts off what u have entertain in the past to the world of cricket.
Jim Riches Wheeler: The last of the greats, the very last of the Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh era, enjoyed watching your career, I hope your last match before you retire from international cricket is one the most memorable game you will play, you will be missed playing for Australia.
Allanson Cruickshank: One of the most competitive cricketers ever. He may have rubbed a few people the wrong way, but any person who is seriously committed to anything has... Respect from a West Indian.
Harshad Bansod: One of the most Adaptive and Dependable folks in the Aussie line-up. I certainly and vividly remember those innings which you ruled and paced at ur will, toying the bowlers!!
Smruti Vaghela: So true..oho ricky..you..punter..l will miss your batting,, your chini wini eyes and smile...your most succssfl test captain ever,, You are great.. You are last one to leave,,,of my favrt 'The Invincble' team.
Viral Patel: Sometime in 2001, I was in Wankhede Stadium watching first test match of series between India and Australia. Match was almost at 50-50 and a fresh day was starting (Day 3rd or something) with Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar at the crease. They had to bat out the whole session till Lunch to put India in respectable position and they did against McGrath/Warne.

After Lunch came the defining moment. Sachin Tendulkar hit a ball so hard to short leg person, it hit his helmet and went to the air for about 5 seconds or so. Ponting was right under my nose in between Mid-on and Deep Mid-On and within that 5 seconds, I think he ran as fast as Bolt and took a mind blowing, brilliant and unbelievable catch. That was the best catch I ever saw "LIVE" in stadium. India was just posting a recovery with 154 for 2 wickets and that catch in the bowling of Mark Waugh by Ponting turned the table. We use the term "unbelievable" often but that was really unbelievable the way Ponting ran and took that diving catch.

The way he took that catch, is when I grew "respect" for Ponting and over the period of time, it kept on growing. After all he is the only captain who has won back to back World Cup after Clive Llyod, isnt it? Someone with 40+ Test hundred in difficult batting pitches of Australia is a commanding record. One name I always associate with Ponting is Greg Blewett, as both started their career together, pretty much like Tendulkar/Kambli or Inzamam/Basit Ali but look at where Ponting ended his career. Yes it needs a bit of luck but more than that it needs lots of hard work, dedication and talent to survive.
Cameron O'Neil: Never have I seen a finer player of fast bowling (Tendulkar included). I can't wait for the medias response when the muppet who replaces him absolutely fails, whilst at the same time Punter is piling on the runs in Shield games. Most successful captain Australia has ever seen, the best fielder we've ever seen, and my boyhood hero. You will be missed Punter.

Manish Kumar: Australian cricketers have a custom dat they dont chase records records follow dem and just like every other australian ricky ponting has done the same thing retiring at the right time he noticed himself struggling for quite a long period he was not scoring big runs so i think he has taken the right decision he has been most succesful australian captain he has been a true legend i m sure the whole world will miss him so do i best of luck punter for yur last presence love you and miss you best of luck for your future.
Vishal Mittal: U were the legend but you were not the great... I still remember many instances where you were not playing with game spirit... One such instance was India's Down Under tour of 2007-08, wherein you were showing finger to umpire...!!!!
Rahul Lama: when ponting captain austrlia team so agrasive at that time,no one team beat austrlia in The world three world cup they doesnt loss the match his captian, three two time world champion captain international fans always respect you have a great future after great cricket carrier
Rob Weaver: Ricky Ponting was / is a great batsman and as given many hours of entertainment...I would not call him a great sportsman on the field...I think he was the first Captain to actually sledge..chirp...chatter..and bully ...opposition whilst they batted...since then the Australian team have gone down in my estimation as this method of harassing a batsman from behind the wicket ..is not fair and against the spirit of the game...was he liked by fellow test players who cares...he did what he did..and became the greatest batsman from Australia in modern times... I salute you Ricky for your batting but did not appreciate your on field fielding example that you set amongst your fielding team...will you be missed..I fear not as Michael Clarke has already set new high scores and captaini practices... But the Aussie team will always be the Aussie team.. That will not change..so thank you Ricky ...and also goodbye Rickie


SMS December 1, 2012 at 9:32 AM  

With Ricky's retirement a lot of people are drawing parallels with Sachin Tendulkar, his form may not be good but he knows when to retire. even in their prime age many cricketers have a long patch of dull form, that doesn't mean they all should retire.

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